Information about HTML sitemaps and how they can help for website navigation and SEO


Creating HTML sitemaps for websites is often a good idea to give visitors an alternative method for navigation and finding content. Usually you will such sitemaps built using HTML/CSS optimized for user friendliness and visual appearance.

This page is a collection of various articles about making HTML sitemaps for users and SEO.

Those of the articles that are program specific will assume you use our software A1 Sitemap Generator. This program runs on Windows + Mac and comes with a 30 days trial without any restricted functionality.

Note: In addition to HTML/CSS sitemaps, it can also create most of the other types of sitemaps.

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Links to A1 Sitemap Generator Specific Information

This list only includes links to articles and tutorials that are specific to our product:

Article 1/3:
Tutorial on how to create simple HTML sitemaps.

Article 2/3:
Information on how to customize and configure generated code in HTML/CSS sitemaps.

Article 3/3:
Shows how to create, but also how to use existing built-in, code and configuration presets for making visual sitemaps that use HTML/CSS/Javascript.

If You Need Help With HTML Sitemaps

List of places where you can get further help:
Section at WebHelpForums where you can get support on A1 Sitemap Generator
Section at WebHelpForums where you can get general support about using sitemaps

Links to General Information About HTML Sitemaps

This list contains links to general articles and information about HTML sitemaps.
General summary of what sitemaps are.
An analysis by Jacob Nielsen about sitemaps and usability. is only one of our webmaster related websites


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